• What Are The Best High-Speed Internet Options For Rural Areas?

    3 May 2016

    If you live in a rural or especially hilly part of the country, you may still be stuck with dial-up internet due to the spotty availability of high-speed internet in your area. However, with the expansion of fiber optic service and advances in wireless router technology, there are now more options than ever before for quicker internet access. Read on to learn more about some potential options in even the most rural parts of the U.

  • Business Upgrade: 2 Ways An IT Specialist Can Facilitate Growth

    15 March 2016

    You are beginning to understand the importance of upgrading your business to incorporate all the new technologies available to your small business, which is a good idea. Remember that 66 percent of small business have a hard time, or do not survive, without incorporating growing technologies like wireless technologies. The following guide will show you two ways IT support can help make this transition a success. 1. Making Wireless Technology Easier Wireless technologies are becoming so essential to small business that 85 percent of them report using smartphones for their activities and 69 percent of businesses are using tablet computers, too.

  • 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Cut The Cable

    27 January 2016

    Are you considering getting rid of your cable and simply using streaming services to provide your in-home entertainment? The rise of the internet, smart televisions, and streaming devices has made it possible for consumers to enjoy programming from a wide range of different sources. You may think that you can fully replace the cable experience by only relying on streaming services. However, you may find that there aren't too many compelling reasons to switch to streaming.