Business Upgrade: 2 Ways An IT Specialist Can Facilitate Growth

by Alyssa Carpenter

You are beginning to understand the importance of upgrading your business to incorporate all the new technologies available to your small business, which is a good idea. Remember that 66 percent of small business have a hard time, or do not survive, without incorporating growing technologies like wireless technologies. The following guide will show you two ways IT support can help make this transition a success.

1. Making Wireless Technology Easier

Wireless technologies are becoming so essential to small business that 85 percent of them report using smartphones for their activities and 69 percent of businesses are using tablet computers, too. 

Your IT specialist should be able to set up some of the following for your business:

  • Cloud services so that you are able to take notes or document services that you can access through any device.
  • IT specialist can provide encryption service on your mobile device so that it can be remotely tracked in case of theft or loss. Data can also be wiped cleaned so that any sensitive information is kept safe.
  • Wireless transaction of money that will also be automatically synced to your financial data.
  • Your IT service specialist should be able to set up web-based communications so that you can share, connect and have conference calls from any of your wireless devices.

You can talk to your IT specialist about other ways that he or she can make the integration of wireless technologies a little better and specific to your business.

2. Help You Understand Your Clients Through Technology

Another big piece of what an IT specialist can do for you is help you set up an analytics program for all your web-based communications with your clients. An analytics program should be able to do some of the following:

  • You should be able to access the amount of traffic that you receive per day. 
  • How many people reacted to a promotion or announcement to help you effectively plan out announcements or promotions with a higher chance of success amongst your clients.
  • The IT service specialist should be able to bring up hot spots and weak spots on your web page. You can use this information to reorganize and maximize your page. 

There is still much more that a good IT consulting specialist can help you accomplish, but these are just some of the basic things that your business might benefit from by simply upgrading with expert support.