Horror Movie Fans: Custom Home Theater Options for the Ultimate Scares

by Alyssa Carpenter

Watching a horror movie is all about creating an intimate experience that makes you feel fully immersed into the film. The atmosphere that you watch the movie in can directly impact your experience with tension, thrills, and scares presented within a story. If you love watching horror movies at home, then there are plenty of custom home heater options that you can have installed. Each one of these options will provide you with a great viewing experience. 

Blackout Curtains and Light Controls

The key to enjoying the creepiness of a horror film is by setting the mood with proper lighting. In the case of horror movies, it's actually the lack of lighting that will set the mood. A custom home theater company can help install blackout curtains that go over windows. These curtains will completely block out the light and allow all of the focus to go on the television screen. Another installation you can add are light controls. A light dimmer and remote controlled lights allow you to completely darken the room once the scary scenes start to take place. It can help increase the scares and really make the film more enjoyable.

Vibrating Seats

Experience every scare and intense moment by having vibrating seats installed in your home theater. These seats are directly connected to the sound system, allowing the bass to naturally vibrate the seat as you watch the movie. When a loud bang occurs, you will feel it in your seat. The same goes for any intense music tracks. All of these elements can work together to create scarier moments as you watch horror films. The vibrate function can be turned on and off as needed.

Sound Proofing Panels

Another ideal home theater installation is a sound proofing panel. These panels can be installed on your walls and help contain all of the sounds within your home theater. When watching horror movies, the sound details are extremely important. You can hear footsteps, slight wind, and other sound effects that really help enhance the creepiness of a film. The sounds can be heard clearly without any extra echoes or a loss of sound. Home theater experts understand the best places to hang up panels in your home theater. This will create the best sound possible based on the room that you have.

Not only will these upgrades help with horror films, but they can also help with all types of other movies and television shows. Talk with companies like A Tech Security about all the features you can add to your home theater system.