3 Security Items To Install If Your Kids Stay Home By Themselves

by Alyssa Carpenter

If your kids have gotten to the age where they are able to stay home by themselves, you are probably happy that they are becoming more independent and that you don't have to pay for daycare or a babysitter anymore. However, you might still be a bit worried about something potentially happening while your kids are at home, unsupervised. Luckily, installing a few security items in your home can help you keep your kids safe and can provide you with peace of mind, too.

1. Deadbolt

Make sure that all of your exterior doors have secure deadbolts that will keep your home secure when your kids are home by themselves and when no one is at home at all. You can also add an additional layer of protection by installing a chain lock to go along with your deadbolt. Make sure that your kids each have their own keys so that they can let themselves in, and consider leaving a key with a trusted neighbor in case one of your kids forgets or loses their key.

2. Monitored Alarm System

Installing a monitored alarm system that includes a security system and a fire alarm is important. It can protect your entire family, including your kids. Then, if someone attempts to enter your home, your security company and the local authorities will be contacted immediately. The fire alarm can also keep your kids safe when they are home by themselves, in case there is an electrical fire or if one of your kids has an accident with the oven or stove.

3. Surveillance Cameras

Even if you have taken other security measures, it might make you feel better to be able to actually physically see your kids when they get home from school. Installing surveillance cameras near the front door and linking up your camera to your smartphone or work computer will make it possible for you to actually check in and see your kids when they get home from school. Plus, having surveillance cameras on your property can serve as a deterrent for someone who might be thinking about committing a crime and can provide valuable evidence in the event that something bad happens.

As you can see, there are a few different security items that you can install if your kids stay home by themselves. Then, you'll know that your kids are as well-protected as possible, which can provide you with peace of mind and can help you feel better about not having a babysitter as your kids get older. For more information, contact local professionals like Southeast Fire & Burglar Alarm Co.