Three Factors To Consider When Choosing A Window Tint For Your Vehicle

by Alyssa Carpenter

Tinting the windows on your vehicle can be costly and permanent. This means, you have to go into the process knowing exactly what you want. Otherwise, you could end up with regrets later. Window tinting can be a great way to make your vehicle a little more private and disguise some of your high end items you have stored in the vehicle. It also helps to block 99% of UVA and UVB rays. On average, you can expect to pay around $200 to $800 for window tint on your vehicle, depending on the amount of windows and size of the vehicle. To ensure that you get the most for your money, you want to choose your tint carefully. Here are some factors to consider. 

Various Tinting Options

Typically, you have three different tint options to choose from, including non-reflective window tint, HP metalized tint, and full metal tint. The non-reflective window tint does not contain metal like the other two options. The HP metalized tint contains polyester, while the full metal tint does not contain any polyester. The amount of time your window tint lasts depends on what type you choose. A hybrid film will generally last about 5 years, while a metalized film will usually last 10 or more years. 

Legalization of Window Tint Darkness

Before choosing the amount of tint you want on your vehicle, you need to understand what the current state law allows for. Each state varies on what amount of darkness you can have. It also specifies how dark each window can be. For example, the state may have a different requirement for the front window than it does the side window. If you plan on putting the tint on yourself, you need to find out the current law or you could be pulled over and handed a citation. 

Exposure to UV Rays

Because tint can help block out the UV rays, it is a great advantage to have your windows tinted when you are in the vehicle a lot. If you do a lot of driving, your skin is exposed to harmful UV rays through the windows. To help block out these rays from the sun, you may want to consider a reflective window tint. These come in various shades to choose from. It also helps keep the car much cooler in the summer months, so you remain more comfortable and do not have to use your air conditioner as often. In return, you end up saving on fuel by not running your AC.