Tips For Keeping Your Phone From Dying While Playing Pokémon Go

by Alyssa Carpenter

If you have friends that have smartphones, there is a good chance that you have heard about the game Pokémon Go. Pokémon Go is a game that allows you to use your smartphone's GPS system to find Pokémon in your area and capture them. It is a free application. If you've already started playing the game, you might have noticed that your battery drains with remarkable speed. This is due to the fact that your phone is using the GPS and showing you a video at the same time. This can be a problem because the game requires you to walk long distances where you might not have access to a charger. Here are some tips for keeping your phone from dying while playing Pokémon Go.

1. Bring a Spare Battery

The easiest solution is to bring a spare battery so that when your original battery dies, you can simply swap it out for a new one that will give you a second round of power. However, if you don't already have an extra battery for your phone, you might not feel like purchasing one just to play a free game. 

2. Map Out Charging Stations and Plan Your Routes

Another option is to map out where the charging stations are in your area and plan your routes based on when you will want to take a break, rest, and charge your phone. Many college libraries will have charging stations that you can plug your phone into for a quick, dedicated charge. You could also bring your charger and a wall adapter with you on your walk and plug your phone into any socket that you find. This is a good strategy if you are worried about overheating on a summer day because it allows you to build in breaks.

3. Minimize the Amount of Energy the App Uses

Finally, be sure that you are minimizing the amount of energy the app uses. The app offers an AR function that allows you to use your phone's camera to make it look as though the Pokémon are on the street next to you. Turn off this function because the game is still fully playable without it. This will allow you to keep your energy-hungry camera from being needed to play the game.

Turn on the app's power-saving mode, which will darken the screen while the phone is in your pocket and vibrate if there is a Pokémon nearby. Turning off the screen will make it easier for you to conserve power.

Avoid catching Pokémon you don't need. The part of the game where you are actually catching the Pokémon takes up more energy than the part of the game where you are simply walking around. If you already have a dozen Pidgeys, you don't need to catch another one.

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