Fleet Managers - How Fleet Management Software Makes Your Job Easier And More Effective

by Alyssa Carpenter

If your company is struggling to manage the maintenance and repair needs of your growing fleet of vehicles, then fleet management software is the solution to your problem. Today's fleet management software gives you the ability to:

  • remotely monitor vehicles in real-time
  • view trends in vehicle maintenance
  • schedule preventative maintenance

Here is some additional information on each of these three ways that fleet management software can aid your company:

Remotely Monitor Vehicles in Real-Time

One of the most important things that you can do to contain overall vehicle maintenance costs is to have smaller mechanical issues fixed before they become full-blown major problems. With the ability to remotely monitor your fleet's vehicles, you will be alerted to any mechanical codes that alarm in your trucks. Rather than giving your drivers the ability to ignore small problems, you will know about the issue and can put your vehicle into the repair shop proactively.

View Trends in Vehicle Maintenance

The reporting function in fleet management software systems gives you the ability to easily view repair and maintenance records on each one of your fleet's vehicles. This functionality allows you to target vehicles for sale and replacement before they are too costly to keep on the road. 

Fleet management software also lets you view the relationship between your drivers and the repairs needed on the vehicles they drive. This is very helpful if you have a driver who you believe may be abusive when they are driving your vehicles. Being able to prove that one driver is responsible for many repairs helps you to support unemployment claim cases for drivers you have terminated for cause.

Scheduling Preventative Maintenance

Keeping up with the preventative maintenance needs of your fleet is a very time-consuming task. Fleet management software will take all of the record keeping and guesswork out of the process. The software will alert you as to which vehicles are due for preventative maintenance time in the repair shop, and which have upcoming maintenance needs. This functionality allows you to more easily schedule vehicle downtimes as well as to budget around regular maintenance repair costs.

By utilizing fleet management software, your company can efficiently manage the growth of your vehicle fleet with less effort and more cost savings. If you have additional questions about how fleet management software can help your company to be more productive, contact a software sales representative in your local area.