3 Features Of Phone Systems Your Small Business Needs

by Alyssa Carpenter

With the right phone system, your small business could save time and money, but this requires finding a phone system that offers the features your business needs. Here are three features you may want to look for when choosing a phone system, and each of these will help your business save money and time.

Auto Attendant

Most people have experience calling a company and reaching an automated phone service. Through a system like this, people are able to listen to menus and choose the options they need. A phone system that offers this feature is great because it eliminates the need for real phone operators.

People calling in will be able to choose who they need to speak to, or they can choose the option that relates to the reason they are calling. If you decide to implement this feature in your company, make sure that your callers can easily reach a real person. If they can't, some callers may become frustrated and might hang up the call.

Call Recording

Another feature that might be beneficial for your small business is call recording. This feature allows you to record phone conversations, which is something that may be useful in the future. If using this feature, make sure you notify callers that their calls may be monitored. If you fail to do this, it could be considered invasion of privacy.

Recording phone calls can be helpful for many reasons, including to:

  • Monitor how your employees are doing
  • Settle differences that arise between operators and callers
  • Have a way to find out details of certain calls that may have contained important information

Voicemail Services

The third feature that can be extremely handy is individual extension lines, as well as voicemail services. This feature makes it easy for callers to reach the right parties, and it is also a great way for employees to receive messages.

Another reason this is beneficial is because your employees will be able to easily change their greetings as often as they would like. For example, if an employee will be out of the office for the week, he or she may want to notify callers about this. This employee could leave a greeting that states this, and it could also tell callers which extension they can call if they need something right away.

If your business could benefit from any of these services, you might want to start looking into getting a new phone system. For more information, contact Horizon Telcom Inc. or a similar company.