Opening Your Own Business? Don't Forget About A Fire And Security System

by Alyssa Carpenter

It's exciting to open your own business, and you have a lot of important decisions to make. One thing you have to think about is installing a security system. If you lease space in a strip mall, the building may already have everything you need in place. But if you convert a house, or rent your own building, you'll need to put in your own system. Here are some safety features you may want to include.

Video Surveillance

Installing video cameras outside and inside your building is a great idea, because you'll be able to monitor your building when you're away. You can keep an eye out for employee theft, shoplifters, and intruders. Plus, you'll have a video record you can refer back to in case you need evidence for a crime.

Fire Alarm System

You definitely want a fire alarm system of some sort. If you have a small business office, a simple smoke detecting system may be all you need. However, if your building is huge, and you store chemicals or industrial supplies in it, you may need to add a fire suppression system too, such as overhead sprinklers. You'll probably want to have your fire alarms monitored, so when they go off, a call center is alerted, and someone can notify the fire department.

Intruder Alarms

It's a good idea to have alarms on all your windows as well as your doors. If you have huge picture windows, you may even want to install an awning or metal gate that you can roll down during off hours. These alarms should be monitored by a call center as well, so help can get to your place quickly when someone breaks into your building.

Security Lights

If your property is well lit, burglars may think twice about trying to break in. You should install exterior and interior security lights. You can have some connected to a motion detector device so they only come on when someone passes by. Be sure your lights are secure. You may need to cover them with wire cages, so they can't be broken out. Place a light at each door and under windows. That way intruders can be seen from the street when cars drive by.

Secure Safe

It's a good idea to install a fireproof safe in your building. You can keep your important documents in it along with cash and other valuables. Your safe should be heavy and secured to the floor, so burglars can't pick it up and run. A safe will protect your things from disasters and robbers alike. If your business handles money, be sure to make regular drops into the safe during the day, so there isn't very much in the cash register at any one time.

Warning Signs

Let burglars know your building is protected by hanging signs on the building that warn it is under video surveillance. Place security system monitoring signs in conspicuous places. You may even want to hang a sign on the cash register that there is no more than $50 in it at any time. It doesn't cost anything to hang signs, and they might cause burglars to pass you by, especially if they fear they will be caught on camera.

The type of security and fire system you install depends a lot on the type of business you have. There may even be local ordinances that you have to follow, especially if you have employees, or keep flammable materials on your property. Installing the best system you can afford will give you peace of mind that your building and inventory will be protected from threats of all kinds.